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Statewide staff meeting – new 'High potential and gifted education policy'

The new High Potential and gifted education policy is for implementation in schools P-12 from 2021, replacing the 2004 Gifted and talented policy.

There are some major shifts in the new policy, including:

- a strong focus on students with high potential, and on recognising underachievement and potential

- 4 domains of potential – creative, intellectual, physical and social-emotional

- understanding the diversity of high potential students

- a focus on developing talent, to move students from high potential to high performance.

​This session will provide an introduction to the new policy, the characteristics of high potential and gifted students and ways to implement the policy within the languages context. We will also explore the differentiation adjustment tool, which will support you to adjust your existing activities to meet the needs of individual students.

You must enrol in the session on MyPL to receive the link to the online meeting. Search for course code NR29242, and select the session for Thursday 13 May.

Languages, NSW look forward to seeing you there!

The session will be recorded for those unable to join Languages, NSW.


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