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  • 2024 KOLTA Membership

    Valid for one year

Your 2024 membership form MUST BE filled in for your transaction to be completed: Membership Form

Thank you for your interest in the Korean Language Teachers Association, NSW.

1. First, sign up our KOLTA website using your DET or school email address.

Your DET/school email will be the 'username' and you can create your own 'password'.

By clicking 'sign up' button, you can make a request to join the KOLTA website.

Approval is needed by the website manager.

Once approval is made, you will receive an 'confirmation email'. 

Stating that "you are now a site member".

2. MUST click "confirm your email" in your email to gain the access to the website. 

Otherwise, will have NO ACCESS to the website even the site manager has approved your email. 

3. Then you can log in with your 'username' (email address and password).

You will see a confirmation message which will be displayed on your screen. 

4. When you visit the website as a member for the first time, the website will guide you to fill in your personal details by clicking

You can only submit the membership form once

5. Please make payment to the fee as there will be benefit as a member of KOLTA. Such as:

  • Online and face to face networking opportunities

  • Using the website resources for primary and secondary course

- Korean Community Language Program (Primary)

- Korean as a Second Language Program (Primary)

- Korean Bilingual Program (Primary)

- Korean Junior Secondary Program (Stage 4-5)

- Korean Senior Secondary School Programs including: Beginners, Continuers, In Context and Literature Courses.​​​​

  • Access to KOLTA workshops and professional development 

  • Interstate and national connections such as AFKOLTA

  • Ability to purchase past trial papers and KOLTA GOODS

  • Access to HSC speaking practice days

  • Ability to join the KOLTA resource development project team

Payment methods           

ABN: 73 103 341 524 


Paid by Credit Card​:

  • 'Sign up' our website.

  • Fill in the 'KOLTA Membership' or 'Pre-service teacher membership' form.

  • Wait for membership approval (your membership will be approved within 24 hours).

  • Once approved, click 'Pay membership fee' above and make payment.

*Note: If you do not receive our receipt email for your payment within a week, please contact

KOLTA is not registered for GST.

Bank transfer is also available to pay the membership fee. Please contact for further information.

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