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SICLE conference

Registrations are open for the inaugural SICLE international conference on community/heritage language education. This conference, which brings together researchers and teachers of community languages, will be held online on 11-13 November 2021. There will be 7 plenary sessions with presentations by national and internationally renowned academics, as well as over 70 workshop sessions covering topics such as:

- effective Community Language pedagogies

- language maintenance and attrition

- shifting to online teaching

- engaging parents and community

- assessing/accrediting language achievement

- engaging strategies for diverse levels

- teacher professional learning

- innovative programming

- effective use of ICT tools.

There will also be language-specific networking sessions. A number of primary CL teachers and secondary language teachers will be presenting at the conference. See the flyer for more information. Registrations are are available online. Enquiries regarding the conference can be made via email.


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