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Sample scope and sequences for Stage 4 and Stage 5 - Modern Languages K-10 Syllabus (2022)

Languages,NSW have published a sample scope and sequence for the Stage 4 mandatory 100 hours course, and another for Stage 5 200-hour elective courses.

These scope and sequences are suggested only. Languages,NSW have already had lots of queries from proactive, fabulous colleagues who are already well into their planning, so here's a little snapshot of what you need to know:

  1. The syllabus is now digital - The simplest approach, in this familiarisation phase, is to click on the 'Content' tab, then select 'Stage 4'. This will show the 'Interacting' focus area, with outcome and content. You can then view 'Understanding texts' and 'Creating texts' via the left-hand menu. If you click on the ‘Show examples’ box, you'll see what the content dot points could look like in the classroom, across 3 proficiency levels. You can then click on ‘Show teaching advice’ for even more detail. Then repeat this process for Stage 5, when you're ready.

  2. We have created a 'how-to' video to guide you through the new syllabus.

  3. Topics and themes are not prescribed in the Modern Languages K-10 Syllabus. However, for those who would like some direction, if you click on 'Show examples' in the digital syllabus, you'll see some examples. For example, in Stage 4 'Interacting', you'll see name, age, nationality, family, home and so on.

  4. All of the content is considered ‘essential learning’ in order for students to demonstrate achievement of the outcome. As such, when designing our units of work, we program for all the content, adjusting the time required for attainment, depending on student ability and proficiency. A single unit of work does not need to address all the content dot points - these need to be addressed across the Stage or year.

Languages,NSW is currently working on programming guidelines to support you further, as well as microlearning e-learning modules to lead you through important aspects of the syllabus. You'll notice we're also producing a range of infographics to display in your staffroom and/or classroom. Attached please find 'student-friendly' versions of the scope and sequence documents, to share with students (these do not contain all the NESA requirements, as they are for students, not for programming purposes).

Access the scope and sequence documents via our website. Access the student-friendly versions below (these do not contain all the NESA requirements, as they are for students, not for programming purposes).

Download PDF • 50KB
Download PDF • 89KB


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