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'Hangeul is Art' Online Lecture on Thu, 29th Oct at 6:30pm

This is to inform you that we are organising an online lecture 'Hangeul is Art' by Prof. Jae-Joon Han <> of Seoul Women's University. This interactive online lecture will be on Thursday, 29th October at 6:30pm (AEDT) on ZOOM and also be live-streamed on KCC Facebook<> page.

During this lecture, Prof. Han will share his interpretation on Hunminjeongeum Haeyre added with his imagination as an artist. He also invented Hangeul CR font which highlights the minimalist feature of Hangeul with near-limitless versatility(최소주의, 전환무궁 한글). The attendees of the ZOOM lecture will be given a CR magnetic board to use during the lecture, however, those who watch on Facebook can also participate via comments and we will give away dozens of CR magnetic boards to those selected participants. *I am more than happy to send you one as a thank-you gift! (please let me know asap, maybe you can receive it before 29th?)

Please see more information regarding the lecture on our website <>. It would be great if you could pass this information around to your students and those who may be interested as this is a rare opportunity to learn about Hangeul & Hangeul design from a renowned Hangeul designer based in Seoul.

As this lecture sheds light on the view that Hangeul is Art as it is, previous knowledge about Hangeul is not necessarily important. We hope this lecture will serve as a platform for residents in Australia to be more familiar with Hangeul.

Please see below images for your understanding and do not hesitate to contact us should you have any enquiries.

CR Magnetic board


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