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Elective PD for teachers of languages 7-10

The Languages K-10 syllabuses – familiarisation and planning eCourse is now available to language teachers 7-10 from all sectors!!

As you know, NESA has published 'Maintenance of accreditation transition arrangements' for 2021 and 2022.

For anyone in their current maintenance of accreditation cycle (except if you started a new accreditation cycle from 29 November 2020), plea

se note that all hours of Professional Development (PD) logged during 2021 will count towards your current

maintenance of accreditation cycle, regardless of whether the PD is Accredited (previously Registered) or Elective (previously Teacher Identified Professional Development TIPD).

To support language teachers 7-10 with Elective PD, Department of Education have made Languages K-10 syllabuses – familiarisation and planning eCourse available to all teachers 7-10 from all sectors for Term 4 2021.

If you have any issues accessing the course, please email

Note to language teachers K-6: The primary version of this course, Languages K-10 syllabuses - eCourse for primary language teachers, is still available on MyPL, course code NR31491. This course is only available to teachers working for the NSW Department of Education.

For more details about the primary course, please contact Konnie ( or Stephen (


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