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Casting Brief - New Australian Kids TV Show

Just a quick note to pass the information below.

From the makers of the hit show 'The Unlisted' We are looking for a Korean boy & girl aged between 10-18 years old to play lead roles in a new action comedy show .

All applicants can be based in AUSTRALIA or NEW ZEALAND. No acting experience is necessary.

We are currently looking for the following roles:

YU NA (Female,15 years old) We are open to applicants aged between 14-18 for this role (must be 15 by February 2020)

Cultural background must be Korean or Australian Korean (Character has an Australian accent)

Yu Na is the sort of teen who doesn’t take grooming seriously. Her brother tells her she looks like she has been dragged through a bush backwards – and he’s being polite. She loves her parents but always thought she outgrew them aged about seven. She has some early memories of moving about and living in different countries. But she has always had an active imagination and thought this was just wishful thinking on her part.

MIN (Male, 12 years old) We are open to applicants aged between 10-15 for this role

Cultural background must be Korean or Australian Korean. (Character has an Australian accent)

Just like his sister, Min used to think his parents were desperately boring. Pleasant, but boring. He never imagined that they could be part of anything as cool as an international spy network. Min has spent most of his life creating plays and costumes, and acting out stories about interesting things that happened to other people in other places. He has the most fabulous costume collection and a full array of costume makeup.

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