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2nd Australian Korean Dictation Contest

UNSW Languages Week Event 2nd Australian Korean Dictation Contest

The UNSW School of Humanities and Languages is hosting a Languages Week event in October to promote the importance of language learning by Australian students. This event will be held just a few days before the annual Hangeul Day, which commemorates the Korean alphabet as a public holiday in South Korea. In that regard, the proposed online 2nd Korean Dictation Contest event is timely and meaningful. This event will be a great occasion to celebrate the Hangeul Day in Australia and promote studies of Australia’s priority languages like Korean. Date: Wednesday, 5th October 2022 Time: 10am start Prizes: Winners (up to 20) will be awarded with a UNSW statement and prizes (gift vouchers) worth $30 to $100 each. The statement and prizes will be sent to the winners' email addresses in the form of an electronic gift voucher. Prizes will be allocated according to your final rank in your respective category. These categories are based on your Korean language level: Beginners Intermediate Advance Who can apply: Australian students 18 years or over, in Years 11/12 and students at the university level who are learning Korean as a foreign or second language are eligible to apply and participate. (Korean native speakers or students enrolled in a Korean Background, native Speaker, or professional level Korean courses are ineligible.) People learning Korean through other institutions, such as The King Sejong Institute, are also welcome to apply. Q. "I am Korean, but grew up in Australia. Can I apply?" A. Yes. Korean Heritage Speakers are welcome to apply. If you were born in Australia, or came to Australia by the time you were ten years old, you are eligible for this competition.

How to apply:

Students who are interested should complete the application below by 1pm Tuesday, 4th October 2022.

2nd Korean Dictation Contest (flier)
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