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Languages Life Skills courses in Stage 6

Languages NSW are circulating this information on behalf of their colleagues at NESA, who have received a number of inquiries this year regarding Languages Life Skills courses in Stage 6.

- Schools with eligible students can develop a School Developed Board Endorsed Course for a Stage 6 Life Skills course in any language.Applications for these courses are submitted to NESA via Schools Online.

- Applications should be submitted by the end of Term 1 in the year before the course is planned to commence.

- Objectives, outcomes and modules are pre-filled in the application form. Schools determine the topics they will deliver (in relation to the modules provided), and the content that will be taught in each topic (suggested content is provided in supporting documentation attached to the application form).

- The objectives and outcomes within the application are based on the Stage 6 Beginners Languages courses.· Once endorsed, the course can be delivered by the school and count as 2 units towards a student’s pattern of study.Further inquiries from schools can be directed to or

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