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Updated useful links to use in class

In order to support our teachers with more online contents, KOLTA,NSW has updated some resources below:

Vocabulary practice for Beginners to Post Beginners level. The total of 1804 words in 8 Stacks. Type 'koltansw' to see the contents in Studystack.

Type 'koltansw' to see the contents in Quizlet.

Passwords are only provided to PAID MEMBERS upon request.

Do you want to engage your students in Korean language learning?

KOLTA,NSW created some activities for your inspiration. It only took 5 minutes to create each activity!

Click Maze chase, Balloon pop, Whack-a-mole to see some samples of the games we created.

Do you want something more than the games?

Engage your students with smarter and handy worksheets. is a platform where teachers build beautiful worksheets.

Click here to see how KOLTA,NSW made as a sample task (content from Yaho Hangugeo).

These sample listening and reading resources are designed for student use, provided by NSW Department of Education. They are for classroom use only, supporting students to practise their listening and reading skills across a range of topics. Do not use them for assessment, as they are in the public domain.

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