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1st Korean Dictation Contest

Korean Dictation Contest

Date: Saturday 9th October 2-3pm

Venue: Online (on Zoom)

Organised by: UNSW Korean Studies

Hosted by: UNSW School of Humanities and Languages

Sponsored by: UNSW School of Humanities and Languages & Korean Education Centre in Sydney (Korean Ministry of Education)


This year marks the 60th anniversary of Australia-Korea (ROK) diplomatic relations. In time for the commemoration of the close ties between the two countries, the UNSW School of Humanities and Languages is hosting a Languages Week event in October to promote the importance of language learning by Australian students. Coincidentally, this event will be held in the same week that the annual Hangeul (Korean Alphabet) Day is celebrated as a public holiday in South Korea. In that regard, the proposed online 1st Korean Dictation Contest event is timely and meaningful. This event will be a great occasion to celebrate Australia-Korean relations and promote studies of Australia’s priority languages like Korean.


The Korean Dictation Contest event aims to promote Australian students’ interest in Korean language and culture in an educational and entertaining way in order to encourage them to continuously develop their Korean language skills through their participation.


Australian students from Year 7 to students at the university level are eligible to apply and participate.

How to apply:

Students who are interested should register via Eventbrite and submit their application form via MS form in the link or QR code.

Procedure and instructions to prospective applicants:

1. Anyone interested in applying should submit their application form via MS form in the link or QR code below.

2. Applicants will be invited by email by Wednesday 6th October 2021 with an online Zoom link. You will be provided an Answer Sheet and a sample dictation question for perusal. If you don’t receive the receipt of your application within 24 hrs via email, please contact Daniel (

3. If you are participating, please download and print the Answer Sheet in advance in preparation for the event. You should use the Answer Sheet to handwrite your responses with a pen. An electric pen is also allowed. Self-supplied or typed papers are not accepted.

4. On the event day, Saturday 9th October, you should enter the online Contest room via the Zoom link by 1:45pm (15 minutes before 2pm when the event starts). Some brief administrative matters (e.g. checking attendance, welcome and house-keeping remarks)

will be followed. You should stay in a quiet place with a stable internet connection and working devices (e.g. computer, stationary). You should not be assisted by other people, materials, or devices for your responses. If plagiarism is found during and after the Contest, your eligibility as a participant and winner will be forfeited or cancelled.

5. The Dictation is expected to start at 1pm. If you are late, you will lose marks for the questions you have missed.

6. There will be up to 40 dictation items from simple noun forms to sentence forms. Each question item will be said twice, a bit slowly in the first time and at normal speed in the second time. At the end of the second reading, you should start writing your response in the Answer Sheet immediately. The interval between the items is 10 to 30 seconds depending on the type of each dictation item.


1. When Dictation time is up, participants need to make sure you have written your name at the top of the paper and declared the integrity statement by signing your name at the bottom of the paper.

2. Then, you should scan your Answer Sheet where possible and save it as a PDF file. Alternatively, you can take a photo of it (in the best quality possible) and submit in a JPG file format.

3. You should submit your Answer Sheet in a PDF file format by email ( within the time limit. The file name should be given in this way: your given name.surname.your DOB (e.g. john.samuel.21092021).

4. A total of extra 15 minutes will be given for scanning and submitting your Answer Sheet.

5. A total of up to 25 prize winners will be announced online and informed individually. The winners will be decided according to their score.


Winners (up to 25) will be awarded with a UNSW statement and prizes (gift vouchers) worth $20 to $100 each. The statement and prize will be posted to the winner’s postal address.


For any question, please contact Daniel ( or Dr Seong-Chul Shin (

1st Korean Dictation Contest
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