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ABN 73 103 341 524

The Korean Language Teachers Association, NSW (KOLTA) is formally established since 2000.

We strive to support teachers teaching the Korean language in NSW Primary and Secondary schools through network opportunities and professional development. Our association work with educators to deliver quality language programs across NSW. We also voices the Association’s concerns related to Korean language education in New South Wales.

As a member, you will share and grow as an innovative and inspiring Korean language teacher through:

  • Online and face to face networking opportunities

  • Accessing quality resources for primary and secondary courses in schools

  • Korean Community Language Program (Primary)

  • Korean as a Second Language Program (Primary)

  • Korean Bilingual Program (Primary)

  • Korean Junior Secondary School Programs (Stage 4-5)

  • Korean Senior Secondary School Programs including: Beginners, Continuers, In Context and Literature Courses

  • Attending KOLTA AGM workshops and gathering

  • Opportunities to join various KOLTA project teams

  • Raising funds to carry out the annual activities of the Association

Committee members

Sophie Choi


Joo Yoon Lee


Na Ri Kim


Jung Su Jung


Ye Jin Noh

Website Manager

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